Barnstormers Edge Rattlers in OT 69-68

Photo Credit: Matt Hinshaw
Photo Credit: Matt Hinshaw

DES MOINES - The Iowa Barnstormers (8-2) beat the Arizona Rattlers (9-2) 69-68 Sunday night at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. 

At the start of the first quarter Arizona running back Dylan Peebles scored on a short touchdown run. Iowa quarterback Drew Powell connected with wide receiver Ryan Balentine for a Barnstormers touchdown, 7-7. Arizona quarterback Jeff Ziemba responded with a short touchdown pass to wide receiver Anthonty Amos, 14-7, beginning a back and forth battle between the teams. 

The Iowa Barnstormers entered the second quarter with a swift move when Powell found defensive lineman BJ Butler, stepping in on the offensive line, for a Barnstormers touchdown, 14-14. Continuing the back and forth, Peebles marched into the end zone for another Rattlers touchdown, 21-14. On the next Iowa drive Powell ran it in for a touchdown, but the extra point was no good officially giving Arizona the lead, 21-20. Ziemba scored on a 17-yard run, adding to the Rattlers score 28-20. Iowa kept up with a touchdown pass from Powell to Balentine followed by a two point conversion, 28-28. Arizona took the lead once again at the end of the half with a short touchdown pass from Ziemba to Amos, 35-28.

At the start of the third quarter, Powelll connected with wide receiver Brady Roland for a Barnstormers touchdown, but the extra point was no good, 35-34. Ziemba responded with a touchdown pass to receiver Jamal Miles, 42-34. Powell found Roland in the end zone again for a 45-yard touchdown pass, but the two point conversion was no good, 42-40. Arizona went for the field goal with kicker Sawyer Petre making a 21-yard field goal increasing the Rattlers lead 45-40. 

Iowa stole back the lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter when Powell ran the ball in for a Barnstormers touchdown, 46-45. The Rattlers responded with a touchdown pass to receiver Dezmon Epps, but the two point conversion was no good, 51-46. Powell marched the ball in for another Iowa rushing touchdown, and the two-point conversion was good giving the Barnstormers a three pont lead, 54-51. Ziemba answered back with a rushing touchdown of his own for Arizona, 58-54. Iowa running back Donavan Williams then ran the ball 9-yards for a touchdown, 61-58. Petre made a 17-yard field goal for Arizona to send the game into overtime, 61-61.

Arizona's Ziemba found Amos for a short touchdown pass, torpedoing the Rattlers into the lead in overtime. Having no choice but to answer back, Drew Powell scored his fourth rushing touchdown of the game for Iowa. In the final seconds of the game, the Barnstormers scored on the two-point conversion, taking the win 69-68.

The Iowa Barnstormers have been the only team in the Indoor Football League to defeat the Arizona Rattlers in the 2018 season. This marks the second win over the Rattlers for the Barnstormers this season. 

The Barnstormers will return to Wells Fargo Arena on Friday, May 25, 2018 to face the Green Bay Blizzard. Kickoff is set for 7:05 p.m. Tickets are available at the Iowa Barnstormers official website. Call 515-633-2255 to speak with a ticket representative.